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Stranded on a sand bar...

I've always been fond of hot dogs, sausages, wursts, etc.

You know... Tube steak...

One of the unforeseen results of my culinary curiosity was that I was "volunteered" by a motorcycle friend of mine to plan the first annual (last probably ever!) "Bawlmer Wienie Run" for members of an Internet forum: GL1800Riders.com.

Since "The Run" I've spent more than a little time devoted to becoming one of the Wienie Cognoscente.

When one begins to delve into the world of the frankfurter, one begins to understand the complexity of the subject and the emotional response the tube steak elicits in its consumers...

Since the beginning of my heightened interest in all things tubular & meat-based, I've accumulated quite a collection of links to purveyors & bloggers & weekend hot doggers...

One of my favorite "sausages" was Best's Kosher Beef Polish Dogs. I found out recently that Best's Kosher (owned by conglomerate Sara Lee) was "put to death" at the end of January 2009. As soon as I heard that I ran to Sam's Club and bought eight packages of their Beef Polish Sausage & eight packages of their Dinner Beef Franks. I've got mine. You'd better go get yours!

I found an article on Save the Deli about the demise of Best Kosher...

Oh... And I "nailed up" a blog, too...

Stranded on a sand bar...

Hot Dog Forums

  • Hot Dogs, Sausages & Bratwursts
    - Roadfood.com actually has a forum dedicated to hot dogs, sausages & bratwursts.

  • Everything Hot Dogs
    - Roguefood.com's sub-forum of the "Shacks, Counters, Carts and Joints" forum
    Apparently, Roguefood.com was formed by some disgruntled members of Roadfood.com...

Stranded on a sand bar...

Hot Dog Blogs

Stranded on a sand bar...

Hot Dog Web Sites

Here are some of the hot dog-related web sites I've found:

  • National Hot Dog & Sausage Council - Believe it or not, there really is a National Hot Dog & Sausage Council.

    The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council is a project of the American Meat Institute and is funded by contributions from hot dog and sausage manufacturers and those who supply them with equipment, ingredients and services.

    Established in 1994, the Council conducts scientific research to benefit hot dog and sausage manufacturers. The Council also serves as an information resource to consumers and media on questions related to quality, safety, nutrition and preparation of hot dogs and sausages.

  • United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service - Hot Dogs and Food Safety
  • National Hot Dog Month - Apparently, July is "National Hotdog Month", and July 19th is "National Hotdog Day". The Holiday Spot has a page with links to help you celebrate the event, and wikiHow web site has a page that tells you "How to Celebrate National Hot Dog Month".
  • HollyEats.com - Hollister "Holly" Moore is a man who likes to eat... apparently... I've never approached the man (or e-mailed him!), but judging by his web site - he likes to eat. He doesn't seem particularly drawn to haute cuisine, but (he admits) he isn't philosophically opposed to it, either. His web page - dedicated to hot dogs around the country - is an inspiration to me.
  • The Gourmet Chili Dog - John Sagi's web site with a ton of information and links.
  • Hot Dog Shops.com - Mark McClure's web site - Like The Gourmet Chili Dog - a boatload of great resources
  • SeriousEats.com - has a page dedicated to America's Regional Hot Dog Styles - I hope to expand on it here (a bit, anyway) and plagiarize it (probably more than I ought...)
  • Hot Dog University - "The Harvard of Encased Meats"
    Mark Reitman is the founder of the Hot Dog University in Milwaukee, WI. [BusinessWeek] even wrote an article about him.
  • The Straight Dope - Cecil Adams explains "Why is there no ketchup on a properly made hot dog?"

  • America's Best & Top Ten - lists what they feel are the "Top 10 Places to Eat A Hot Dog"
    1. Superdawg Drive-In - 6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646 ~ (773) 763-0660
    2. Schnäck - 122 Union Street, (Red Hook) Brooklyn, NY 11231 ~ (718) 855-2879
      According to their web site they're closed - except for catering
    3. The Varsity - 61 North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30308 ~ (404) 881-1706
      Their web site says they have six locations
    4. The Wienery - 414 Cedar Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN ~ (613) 333-5798
    5. Otto's Sausage Kitchen - 4138 S.E. Woodstock, Portland, OR 97202 ~ (503) 771-6714
    6. Vida Cart - Corner of Fifth Avenue and Island, Downtown San Diego, CA ~
    7. Primanti Brothers - 46 18th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 ~ (412) 263-2142
    8. Boston Speed's - 54 Newmarket Square, Boston MA 02118 ~ (617) 839-0102
      This "Famous Hot Dog Wagon" is run by octogenarian Ezra "Speed" Anderson (and Greg Gale?)
    9. Ritzy Lunch - 465 West Pike Street, Clarksburg, WV 26301 ~ (304) 622-3600
      "Hot Dog John" Selario's parents opened Ritzy Lunch in 1933 - his believes that "a hot dog without chili is not a hot dog". All indications are that their specialty is the "West Virginia-style" hot dog
    10. Flo's - 1359 US-1, (near) Cape Neddick, ME 03902 ~ (800) 255-8401
      Florence Stacy bought the business in 1959, ran it for 14 years then sold it to her son & daughter-in-law (John & Gail Stacy) who run it today. They have their own "secret recipe" relish that they're hoping to market.
  • Hot Dog Chicago Style - Yes... There is actually a web site named "Hot Dog Chicago Style". It's dedicated to the hot dog... Chicago style... Go figure...
  • West Virginia Hot Dogs - Another regional hot dog site - includes links to a ton of HDJs (Hot Dog Joints) in West Virginia as well as reviews of their offerings.
  • AOL Food - Yes, AOL Food... They have a page claiming to have determined the "top tube steak in all the land" - a "Top 20" list - you determine for yourself...
  • The Great 2008 Dog Crawl - James Norton wrote a piece for the CityPages describing an outing with a friend to visit "five of the area's most dog-oriented eateries" in the Minneapolis, MN area...
  • New England's Best Hot Dog - Amy Johnson wrote this piece for Boston's Channel 7 News web site - New England's top three HDJs for 2004...
    1. Sullivan's - 2080 Day Boulevard (Castle Island), Boston, MA 02127 ~ (617) 268-5685
    2. Top Dog of Rockport - 2 Doyles Cove Road, Bearskin Neck, Rockport, MA 01966 ~ (978) 546-0006
    3. Frank's - 265 North Pearl Street, Brockton MA 02301 ~ (508) 588-9604
  • Red or White ~ Upstate New Yorkers Tend to Relish Their Hometown Favorites - Evelyn Bence wrote this article for the Washington Post (May 24, 2006) reminiscing about the decisions she faced at her father's summer barbecues at the church in western New York where he was the pastor.
  • The Missing Link - Dave Jamieson wrote this article for the Washington City Paper (February 6, 2007) about the elusive Washington, D.C. "half-smoke"
  • History and Legends of Hot Dogs - Linda Stradley wrote this article for "What's Cooking America" (Copyright 2004)
  • Wikipedia - Entitled simply... "Hot dog" - and another one called "Hot dog variations"
  • GreaseFreak.com - Peter Strazzabosco has a page dedicated to images of Chicago-style hot dogs
  • HotDogBiz101.com - Steve Schaible (founder of King Weenie Chicago Style Hot Dogs - St. Louis, MO) wants to sell you a course to help you became the next Hot Dog Maven!
  • Waymarking.com has a collection of... well... waymarks for Independent Hot Dog Restaurants
  • Hot Dog Hunt Apparently, they're a "family from northern New Jersey who have traveled from three minutes to three hours in search of quality hot dogs!"
  • The Hot Dog Hall Of Fame
  • Hotdogger Blog - Life Inside the Wienermobile Vehicle
  • Paterson's Hot Texas Wiener Tradition
  • bon appetit magazine's Around the World in 80 Hot Dogs 


Hot Dog Joints

Stranded on a sand bar...

Hot Dog Joints

Affectionately referred to as HDJs, there are certain parts of the country that stand out as sanctuaries to the frankfurter. Virtual Meccas to those who are wise in the way of the wienie...

Detroit, Michigan - with its "Coney Island" hot dogs (bearing little in common with hot dogs actually served at Coney Island in New York).

New York with their love of the Sabrett hot dogs and the distinctive yellow and blue umbrellas of their push carts...

Chicago, Illinois - and the well-known, and loved "Chicago Style "hot dog.

Since it's impossible for anyone to document all the HDJs in America, I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to document the "well known" ones, the ones I've been to, or the ones I want to go to...

I'm going to start with Maryland - because that's where I live - and I've already done the research. (I expect this order to change... Eventually...)


~ I've created a Google Map listing all of the Maryland Hot Dog Joints I could find...

The Baltimore City Paper runs a "Best of Baltimore" review. Several of the HDJs below were culled from this review...

G&A Restaurant - Home of Baltimore's Best Coney Island Hot Dogs
 2002 winner of Baltimore's Best Hot Dog
3802 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 276-9422

G&A is literally the reason I started this web page... A Goldwing ridin' buddy of mine saw G&A featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins & Dives and decided to volunteer me to put together a hot dog tour of Baltimore.

Because of the logistics of gettin' a bunch of motorcycles into and out of Baltimore's Highlandtown neighborhood, G&A wasn't included on the first wienie run.

On Friday, July 8, 2011 I finally made it to Andy's place! A visit long overdue...

G&A was started in 1927 by Gregory Diacumakos (the "G" in G&A) & his cousin Alex (you got it... the "A" in G&A). The torch was passed to "Big Jimmy" & "Little Jimmy" Farantos in 1968. They ran G&A until 1988 when "Little Jimmy"'s son Andy Farantos bought the historic G&A.

The Baltimore City Paper publishes an annual "Best of Baltimore" list. One of the categories is hot dogs. The first hot dog joints listed under Maryland are the recipients of the Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore award for their respective years - in chronological order (and three part harmony...)
The City Paper doesn't include the Baltimore's Best Hot Dog category every year - you'll notice 2010 is absent.

  • Haute Dog Carte - Quite possibly the best hotdog you'll EVER HAVE!! (Until you come back for seconds)
     2011 winner of Baltimore's Best Hot Dog
    6070 Falls Road
    Baltimore, MD 21209
    (410) 608-3500
    This HDC is operated in (or in front of) the garage attached to the right of the (bright purple!) Bonjour Bakery Cafe...

  • Attman's Authentic New York Delicatessen - Since 1915
     2009 and 2005 winner of Baltimore's Best Hot Dog
    1019 E. Lombard Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    (410) 563-2666 ~ fax: (410) 563-0222

    Attman's is one of the last reminders of Baltimore's once bustling "Corned Beef Row"
  • Zack's - Hotdogs with an Attitude!!!
     2008 and 2007 winner of Baltimore's Best Hot Dog
    8137 Honeygo Boulevard (The Avenue at White Marsh)
    White Marsh, MD 21236
    (410) 931-1234
    [Baltimore City Paper Review]
    Zack's serves a Vienna Beef hot dog - it seems they use a lot of condiments from Vienna Beef, too
  • Pulaski Liquor Emporium and Dog House Tavern
     2006 winner of Baltimore's Best Hot Dog
    6425 Pulaski Highway
    Baltimore, MD 21205
    (410) 483-7500
  • The Dog House
     2003 winner of Baltimore's Best Hot Dog
    617 Fallsway
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    (410) 685-7269
  • Ann's Dari-Creme
    7918 Ritchie Highway
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061
    (410) 761-1231
  • Polock Johnny's
    3212 Washington Boulevard
    Baltimore, MD 21230
    (410) 644-5997
  • Konstant’s Hot Dogs
    Lexington Market
    400 W. Lexington Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201
    (410) 685-4422
  • Coney Island and Curtis' - Famous Weiners Since 1918
    35 North Liberty Street
    Cumberland, MD 21502
    (301) 777-0380
    These guys have been around since 1918, but if "Holly" Moore (HollyEats.com) hadn't written up this place I wouldn't have known that it existed... [Review]
    On a random Google search I found another review in the Maryland Life e-zine: Consider the Wiener: Cumberland Maryland's Curtis' Famous Weiners
  • Power Dogs
    621 E. Pratt Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    (410) 385-1962
    I have yet to visit this establishment, but word through the grapevine is that "it ain't all that" - but... I'll make up my own mind, thank you!
  • Wiener World
    1202 E. Patrick Street, #1C
    Frederick MD 21701-3167
    (301) 360-0550
  • Hot Dog King
    26 South Arlington Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21223
    (410) 528-0580
  • Hot Spot Cool Eats
    3028 Ocean Gateway
    Cambridge, MD 21613
    (443) 225-5225
    Owner: Eric Ploeg

  • Stuggy's - Old fashioned hot dogs & sausages with a modern twist!
    Since March, 2010
    809 S. Broadway
    Baltimore, MD 21231
    (410) 327-0228
    [Baltimore City Paper Review]
    [Baltimore Guide Review]
  • Dog Bar
    Since Saturday, July 9, 2011
    2938 O'Donnell Street
    Baltimore, MD 21224
    (410) 276-0383
    Owners: Steve & Bethann Heintzelman
  • Porky's Hot Weiner & BBQ
    1365 N Main Street
    Hampstead, MD 21074
    (410) 374-3775
  • Coffman's Snack Bar
    2101 Orems Road
    Middle River, MD 21220
    (410) 686-3233
  • Mike's Hot Dogs
    2501 Cleanleigh Drive
    Parkville, MD 21234
    (443) 823-8890
  • Wild Dogs Gourmet Hot Dogs
    Jaye Leitch, Proprietor - Jaye serves a steamed Nathan's all beef, quarter pound hot dog
    (410) 941-WILD (9453)
    Check out Jaye's web site to find his HDC (hot dog cart)


  • CLOSED: Zack's - 8923 Old Harford Road - Parkville, MD 21234 - (410) 665-9939
  • CLOSED: Lorelei's Hotdogs - 7327 Wye Avenue - Jessup, MD 20794-9459 ~ (410) 799-0188
    I called Lorelei's phone number June 11, 2009 and it was answered by a different business. Stay tuned!
    Weenie World - 1099 Merritt Boulevard - Dundalk, MD 21222 ~ (410) 284-9495
    They served a Berk's dog (Reading, PA) with buns from H&S Bakery in Baltimore, MD - this place was, literally, walking distance from my house.

  • CLOSED: White Star Lunch-N-Ette - 701 Motter Avenue - Frederick MD 21701 - (301) 662-9466
    This hot dog joint originally opened in the North Street Market in 1911, then moved to its Motter Avenue location in 1970. Owner Pat Harding closed the establishment on Saturday, February 26, 2011 due to the poor economy and inability to arrive at an amicable lease agreement.
  • CLOSED: Joey's Beach Dogs - 7000 Arundel Mills Circle - Hanover, MD 21076 - (443) 755-9900
CLOSED: Chili Man Wieners
18 Allegheny Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 321-7710
According to Able Hosting Group, Chili Man Wieners' Internet domain expired 05/28/11 pending renewal or deletion

I only had a chance to visit once and while the chili cheese dog - as I remember it - was above average, the sole female worker - of Slavic descent & recent importation - had a less than welcoming personality. Since I hadn't stopped with the idea of doing a review, my memory of the experience is a little foggy. Fortunately, I "snapped" a few photos. The decor was a throwback to the 60s and 70s with bright yellow walls and flea market "antiques". I got a special kick out of the "Welcome Back Kotter" lunch box. But the decor felt a little "forced" (if you know what I mean...)

MusicCutie008 captured a short YouTube interview with Sue Thompson, one of Chili Man Wiener's partners.

According to Sue, they served a natural casing hot dog with homemade chili sauce. Sue was no more forthcoming with information about the hot dog they served.

Judging by information in an article in "The Towerlight" (Towson's campus and community news source), Chili Man Wieners must have closed by, or before, July 2010 "due to economic difficulty". That was an awfully short run for a hot dog joint that opened around October 2009.


  • Pink's
    709 N. La Brea Avenue
    Los Angeles, Ca 90038-3338
    (323) 931-4223
    The September 5, 2011 edition of People Magazine (page 124) mentioned that "Pink's Hot Dogs in L.A. named its Today Show Dog - two franks, mustard, onions, chili, cheese and guacamole - in honor of the show's ex-anchor (Katie Couric), who once posed for a photo with owner Gloria Pink."

  • Carney's Restaurant
    8351 W. Sunset Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    (323) 654-8300
  • Papoo's Hot Dog Show
    4300 W. Riverside Drive
    Burbank, CA 91505
    (818) 846-1511
  • Larry's Chili Dog
    3122 West Burbank Boulevard
    Burbank, CA 91505
    (818) 842-0244
  • Chronis Famous Sandwich Shop
    5825 Whittier Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90022
    (323) 728-7806

  • Skooby's Hot Dogs
    6654 Hollywood Boulevard
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    (323) 468-3647
  • Big Tomy's
    11289 West Pico Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90064-1730
    (310) 479-0601


  • Blackie's Hotdog Stand
    2200 Waterbury Road
    Cheshire, CT 06410
    (203) 699-1819

  • Capitol Lunch - Hot Dogs with the Famous Sauce
    510 Main Street
    New Britain, CT 06615
    (860) 229-8237

  • Danny's Drive-In
    940 Ferry Boulevard
    Stratford, CT 06614-6016
    (203) 378-6728
  • Doogie's
    2525 Berlin Turnpike
    Newington, CT 06455
    (860) 666-1944
  • Guida's
    484 Meriden Road
    Middlefield, CT 06455
    (860) 349-9039
  • Mr. Mac's Canteen
    838 Main Street
    Monroe, CT
    (203) 459-9595
  • Swanky Frank's
    182 Connecticut Avenue
    Norwalk, CT 06854-1962
    (203) 838-8969
  • Rawley's Drive-In
    1886 Post Road
    Fairfield CT 06824
    (203) 259-9023
  • Super Duper Weenie
    306 Black Rock Turnpike
    Fairfield, CT 06825
    (203) 334-DOGS [3647]
  • Top Dog's
    Route 66, Portland CT 06480 (near High Street)
    (860) 267-8437
  • Famous Uncle Al's Hot Dogs
    71 Newtown Road
    Danbury, CT 06810-6258


  • Hot Dog Heaven
    101 East Sunrise Boulevard
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
    (954) 523-7100
  • Coney Island Drive Inn
    1112 E. Jefferson Street
    Brooksvegas, FL 34601
    (352) 796-9141
    Their online menu says they serve a dog with "Coney Sauce". Hmmm... I wonder what type of "Coney Sauce", but...
    Y'gotta watch out for these guys...
    <Elitist Hot Dog Snob>
    They offer ketchup as a condiment for their hot dogs!
    </Elitist Hot Dog Snob>
  • Beach Doggie Dog
    1207 Estero Boulevard
    Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
    (239) 463-0216 ~ fax: (239) 463-2260

  • Some friends sent me this picture from the road...

    But they didn't tell me if they stopped...

    Or if it was any good - if they did stop....

    And I found this one out on the Internet...



  • Redondo's LLC "Hawaiian Winners"
    94-140 Leokane Street
    Waipahu, HI 96797
    (808) 671-5444 ~ fax (808) 676-7009


  • Hot Doug's
    The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium
    3324 North California, Chicago, IL 60618
    (773) 279-9550

  • Wiener and still Champion
    802 Dempster St
    Evanston, IL 60202
    (847) 869-0100
  • Portillo's Hot Dogs, Inc.
    635 1/2 W North Avenue
    Villa Park, IL 60181
    (630) 530-8440
    Portillo's is a chain that opened in 1963 as "The Dog House" but renamed to "Portillo's" in 1967. Their website has a history of the business.
  • The Wieners Circle
    2622 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60614-1523
    (773) 477-7444
  • Gold Coast Dogs
    10 locations in and around Chicago
    Gold Coast Dogs is a chain started January 14, 1985 by the Potekin family. They serve a hot dog from Vienna Beef in Chicago, IL
  • Parky's Hot Dogs
    329 Harlem Avenue
    Forest Park, IL 60130
    (708) 366-3090
    I read that they serve a David Berg hot dog - the volume of reviews would tend to indicate that they're best known for their greasy, double-bagged french fries...
  • Gene's & Jude's Hot Dogs
    Since 1946...
    2720 River Road
    River Grove, IL 60171
    (708) 452-7634
    They serve a Vienna Beef hot dog


  • Yank's Franks
    1738 Post Road (Route 1)
    Wells, ME (Vacationland) 04090
    (207) 251-4002
    They serve a hot dog from Hummel Brothers in New Haven, CT

  • Wasses Hot Dogs
    Keith Wasses started this three store "chain":
    • 2 North Main Street
      Rockland, ME 04841
      (207) 594-7472
    • 1 Belmont Ave Ste A - at the intersection of Route 1 & Route 3
      Belfast, ME 04915
      (207) 338-6431
      This Wasses is located in Reny's parking log (I have - no - idea who, or what, a "Reny" is...)
    • 1586 Appleton Ridge Road
      Appleton, ME
      (207) 338-6431


Michigan is home of the "Coney Island" style of restaurant. (Did I hear someone say Coney Island is in New York? Well, it is... Now siddown...)

You'll hear the town of Flint, Michigan closely associated with the "Coney Island".

Detroit, too, has quite a few Coney Islands. Two of the most colorful being - American Coney Island & Lafayette Coney Island. Both on Lafayette Boulevard, both right next door to each other and both owned by brothers! I've got links to both of 'em below - go check out their history...

A "Coney Island" hot dog is one served with "Coney Island" sauce, mustard & onions.

Doesn't sound too impressive, does it? Well... It's all in the sauce. At the bottom on this page I've plagiarized several recipes for Coney Island sauce, but in a nutshell, (or perhaps a hot dog bun?), Coney Island sauce is a dry (not soupy) bean-less chili. I've also heard it referred to as "Greek Spaghetti Sauce".

But... Wait a second... If that is a "Coney Island" dog, what is a "Texas Hot Weiner"?

Well... A "Texas Hot Weiner" is - at least originally - from Patterson, New Jersey. If there are any other differences... I'm not sure I know what they are...

But I plan to find out, so stay tuned...!


American Coney Island
118 W. Lafayette Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 964-8198

I just received a "Coney Kit" from American Coney Island - with a personally signed letter from Grace Keros, the 3rd generation Keros to own this HDJ.

(Okay... I admit... she probably personally signs all of the letters that accompany their Coney Kits. She just strikes me as that sort of person)

[12.14.2009] And you're in luck! I just finished my review... (with pictures!)

DetroitPages.com has a "Detroit Area Coney Island Guide". Much easier than having to do the research from afar... (Baltimore, MD)

  • Lafayette Coney Island [Roadfood.com Review]
    118 W. Lafayette Boulevard
    Detroit, MI 48226
    (313) 964-8198
  • Todoroff's Original Coney Island
    1200 West Parnall Road
    Jackson, Michigan 49201–7012
    (517) 841-1000
  • Leo's Coney Island
    2100 Woodward Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48201-3470
    (313) 471-2888
    The Stassinopoulos brothers, Leo & Peter opened their first diner - the Southfield Souvlaki Coney Island - in 1972. In 1982 they opened their second restaurant in Farmington. Soon after that, they changed the name to Leo's Coney Island. Last time I checked they had over 40 restaurants.
  • National Coney Island
    27947 Groesbeck
    Roseville, MI 48066
    (586) 771-7744 ~ fax (586) 771-9578
    National Coney Island sells a "Coney Island Kit"
  • Gillie's Coney Island
    6524 N. Dort Highway
    Mt. Morris, MI 48458-2559
    (810) 686-1200
  • Angelo's Coney Island
    1807 N Franklin Avenue, Suite 101
    Flint, MI 48506
    (810) 577-5310 ~ fax (810) 233-3860
  • Athens Coney Island
    32657 Woodward Avenue
    Royal Oak, MI 48073
    (248) 549-1488
  • Greek Islands Coney Restaurant
    221 Hamilton Row
    Birmingham, MI 48009
    (248) 646-1222
  • George's Senate Coney Island Restaurant
    39430 Dun Rovin Drive
    Northville, MI 48168
    (734) 927-1126
  • National Coney Island, Inc.
    27947 Groesbeck
    Roseville, MI 48066
    (586) 771-7744
    fax ~ (586) 771-9578
  • Gus's Coney Island
    50899 Gratiot Avenue
    New Baltimore, MI 48051
    (586) 598-4848
  • Alpha Coney Island
    7049 Dexter Ann Arbor Road
    Dexter, MI 48130-8568
    (734) 424-0900
  • Opa! Opa! Coney Island
    17445 Hamilton Avenue
    Allen Park, MI 48101
    (313) 359-2700
  • Village Coney Island
    22443 Michigan Avenue
    Dearborn, MI 48124
    (313) 561-4700
  • Kerby's Koney Island
    These guys have a bunch of stores...


Riding around the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, you can find the Magic Bus Cafe

New Jersey

~ NJ Hot Dog Sellers
This Google Map was created by "WarmBeer" from Roadfood.com

New Jersey seems to have a lot of "famous" HDJs. Or maybe it's just that the folks in New Jersey are more "vocal" (on the Internet, at least) about their love of their "home town" hot dog joints...

  • Rutt's Hut
    417 River Road
    Clifton, NJ 07014
    (973) 779-8615


    Opened in 1928, Rutt's Hut is a New Jersey institution. Their dogs are deep fried to four degrees of doneness: "In and Outer" (just warmed up - for the tourists), "Ripper" (fried until the skin rips), "Weller" (well done) & "Cremator" (extremely well done - as in cracked, blistered, hard and shriveled). They're famous for their homemade "relish". Rumor has it that the "secret" ingredients are cabbage and carrots. Apparently, it's a lot better than it sounds!

  • Jimmy Buff's
    354 Route 10 West & River Road
    East Hanover, NJ 07017
    (877) 9HOTDOG ~ (973) 463-0099 ~ fax: (973) 463-0196
    This four-restaurant chain claims to have invented the "italian-style" hot dog (A/K/A Newark dog) [Review]

  • Dickie Dee’s Pizza
    Specializing in the "Italian Hot Dog " - (pizza bread, sautéed peppers & onions, and sliced potatoes - NOT French Fries!)
    380 Bloomfield Avenue
    Newark, NJ 07107-4402
    (973) 483-9396
  • Tommy's Italian Sausage & Hot Dogs
    900 2nd Avenue
    Elizabeth, NJ 07201
    (908) 351-9831 
The Hot Grill - Some say The Hot Grill sells the "archetypal" (their word!) Texas Weiner
669 Lexington Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011
(973) 772-6000 ~ fax: (973) 772-3588
Their "signature" hot dog is the "Texas Weiner"
  • J & G Texas Wiener
    238 North Avenue
    Dunellen, NJ 08812
    (732) 968-4343 ~ (732) 752-2882
    John Sagi (The Gourmet Chili Dog) documented his visit there on April 4, 2009 on Roadfood.com.
856 Route 70 (Junction of Routes 88 & 70)
Brick, NJ 08724
(732) 458-7774
WindMill has eight locations. Check out their web site for the rest...
  • Texas Wiener
    100 Watchung Avenue
    Plainfield, NJ 07060-1210
    (908) 756-5480
  • Boulevard Drinks
    48 Journal Square
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    (201) 656-1855
  • Charlie’s Pool Room
    1122 East Boulevard
    Phillipsburg, NJ 08865-4498
    (908) 454-1364

  • Father & Son Luncheonette
    902 W. Saint Georges Avenue
    Linden, NJ 07036
    (908) 486-9596
  • Goomba's
    1424 Morris Avenue
    Union, NJ 07083
    The information about Goomba's was "liberated" from the "Hey Where Are All Our Hotdoggers, All States are welcome" thread on:
    John Fox gave it a glowing review
  • Goffle Grill - specializing in the "Texas Weiner"
    1140 Goffle Road
    Hawthorne, NJ 07508
    (973) 423-0881 ~ fax (973) 423-3345
  • Hiram's Roadstand - featuring Thumann's hot dogs
    1345 Palisade Avenue
    Fort Lee, NJ 07024
    (201) 592-9602
  • Hot Dog Heaven
    176 Kinderkamack Road
    Emerson, NJ 07630
    (201) 261-0073
  • Johnny and Hanges - specializing in the "Texas Weiner"
    23-20 Maple Avenue
    Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
    (201) 791-9060
  • Duffy's Famous Riverside Grill
    855 River Street
    Paterson, NJ 07524
    (973) 357-8100
    According to Hot Dog Hunt, Duffy's offers customers a choice of a Sabrett's or a Thumann's hot dog.
  • Libby’s Lunch
    98 McBride Avenue
    Paterson, NJ 07501-2660
    (973) 278-8718
  • CLOSED 2001: Colonial Grill - Hot Texas Weiners Since 1938
    464 Chamberlain Avenue
    Paterson, NJ 7501
    Paul Agrusti opened the Colonial Grill in 1978. At some point, his son Leonard took over operation. Since the HDJ opened in 1978, the claim of "Hot Texas Weiners Since 1938" might refers to Paul's total time in the Hot Texas Wiener business

  • Pappy's Diner
    315 Union Boulevard
    Totoway, NJ 07512
    (973) 595-1701
  • Amazing Hot Dog
    148-A Bloomfield Avenue
    Verona, NJ 07044
    (973) 433-3073
  • Danny's Dogs
    100 River Drive
    Garfield, NJ 07026
    (973) 249-8700
  • Max's Hot Dogs
    25 Matilda Terrace
    Long Branch, NJ 07740-5699
    (732) 571-0248
    A favorite with the beach crowd...
  • Cousin Roy's Dairy & Dogs
    11 McKinley Avenue
    Dumont, NJ 07628-2909
    (201) 338-4860
  • The Hotdog Place
    49 West Church Street
    Bergenfield, NJ 07621-1773
    (201) 244-0500
  • The Hot Dog House, Inc.
    510 State Route 17
    Carlstadt, NJ 07072-1706
    (201) 935-5803
  • Mr. Dee's Hot Dogs
    3 Johnson Lane
    Parlin, NJ 08859
    (732) 525-8300
  • Galloping Hill
    325 Chestnut Street
    Union, NJ 07083-9425
    (908) 686-2683
  • Jerry's Famous Frankfurters
    906 2nd Avenue
    Elizabeth, NJ 07207
    (908) 355-4242
  • Hot Dog Johnny's
    Founded by John Kovalsky in 1944, Hot Dog Johnny's is currently operated by his daughter Patricia Fotopoulos who's been working there since it opened.
    Route 46
    Buttzville, NJ
    (908) 453-2882
  • Falls View Grill
    25 Newark-Pompton Turnpike
    Pequannock, NJ 07440
    (973) 872-2299
    They serve a "Texas Weiner"... (But they spell it "wiener")
  • Frankie D's Dog House LLC
    227 Centre Street
    Nutley, NJ 07110-2829
    (973) 667-4700
    Specializing in the "Italian Hot Dog" using a Best brand hot dog - they also serve a Thumann's brand hot dog for their deep fried dog and a dirty water dog

New York

Like New Jersey-ites (Can I say "New Jersey-ite"?), New Yorkers love their dogs...

  • Nathan's Famous
    1310 Surf Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11224-2497
    (718) 946-2202

    Nathan's may well be the most famous hot dog joint in the whole USA. Nathan's Famous was founded in 1916 by Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker using a hot dog recipe developed by his wife Ida. Before going into business for himself, Nathan Handwerker werked... er... worked for Charles Feltman (1841-1910), a German butcher who's credited with being the first in New York to sell pork sausages on a warm bun, sometime around 1867. Nathan sliced Charles' buns & couriered franks to Feltman's grill men. Feltman's went out of business in 1952.

    [Article: NATHAN HANDWERKER GOOD DOG - By JAY MAEDER Daily News Staff Writer, Wednesday, March 31th 1999, 2:10AM]

Papaya King logoPapaya King
Papaya King Frankfurters Are Tastier Than Filet Mignon
This chain has three locations in New York City and one in Clifton, NJ.
Check out the history page on their web site.

Opened in 1931 by Gus Poulos (a Greek immigrant) "Hawaiian Tropical Drinks, Inc.". New Yorkers began to refer to him as "The Papaya King" so in the 1960's he changed the name permanently.

  • Gray's Papaya (their web site isn't quite ready for "prime time" yet)
    2090 Broadway, #1
    New York, NY 10023
    (212) 799-0243
    Katherine Pushkar & Jocelyn Guest did an informal comparison between Gray's Papaya, Papaya King (the original!) & Papaya Dog. According to them, Gray's Papaya has the best dog [Link]

    Opened in 1972, Nicholas A. B. Gray copied his store's "concept" from Papaya King. I'm trying to find out what the "story behind the story" is. Stay tuned!

  • Papaya Dog
    333 6th Avenue
    New York, NY 10014-6912
    (212) 627-9748
  • Crif Dogs
    113 Saint Marks Place
    New York, NY 10009
    (212) 614-2728
  • Ted's Hot Dogs
    7018 Transit Road
    Buffalo NY 14202
    Ted's was started by Greek immigrant Theodore Spiro "Ted" Liaros in 1927 in a tool shed - having upgraded from a horse-drawn hot dog cart - near Buffalo's newly finished "Peace Bridge". Ted's web site has an interesting historic timeline - go check it out!
  • Clare & Carl's
    4727 State Route 9
    Plattsburgh NY 12901
    (518) 561-1163
    Serving "Michigans" since 1942...

  • Walter's Hot Dog Stand
    937 Palmer Avenue
    Mamaroneck NY 10543
    Since 1919...
    Serious Eats Road Trip: Walter's Hot Dogs in Mamaroneck
  • Heid's of Liverpool
    305 Oswego Street
    Liverpool, NY 13088
    (315) 451-0786
  • Gus's Hot Dogs
    212 25th Street
    Watervliet NY 12189
    (518) 273-8743
  • Bark Hot Dogs
    474 Bergen Street, Park Slope
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
    (718) 789-1939
  • Seneca Texas Red Hots
    2449 Seneca Street
    Buffalo, NY 14210-2607
    (716) 822-7121
  • Louie's Texas Red Hots
    777 Harlem Road
    West Seneca, NY 14224
    6 locations throughout Western New York

North Carolina

  • Pulliam's (J. S. Pulliam Barbeque Incorporated)
    4358 Old Walkertown Road
    Winston Salem, NC 27105
    (336) 767-2211
    Since 1910
    They serve a "bright red" grilled pork & beef hot dog. I need to find out who makes them...! They're served on a buttered, toasted hot dog bun.
    Recommended with chili, mustard, slaw & "Ed's hot sauce" - onions optional



  • Tony Packo's Cafe
    1902 Front Street
    Toledo, OH 43605
    (419) 691-6054 ~ fax: (419) 691-8358
    Since 1932...
    Tony Packo's has 5 retail locations and also sells 10, 15 & 30 count hot dog & chili kits
    From their website:
    Known for their one-of-a-kind Hungarian Hot Dogs, Tony Packo’s has been serving authentic “Old Country” food since 1932. The family owned and operated restaurant - which serves everything from chili cheese fries to chicken paprikas - is a Toledo tradition that has become recognized and loved across the U.S. Whether or not you come to taste the renowned Hungarian Hot Dog, or just to witness the celebrity autographed hot dog buns that adorn the walls, Tony Packo’s has something for everyone.


Yocco's logoYocco's
Someone actually created a page on Wikipedia for Yocco's
16 East Minor Street
Emmaus, PA 18049
(610) 928-3100

Yocco's gets its name from the "local" (Pennsylvania Dutch) pronunciation of the owner's last name - "Iacocca"


The Famous Hot Weiner (Yes, that's how they spell it...)
Their web site has a good history page.

  • 101 Broadway
    Hanover, PA 17331
    (717) 637-1282 ~ fax (717) 637-8366
  • 160 Dart Drive
    Hanover, PA 17331
    (717) 632-2424 ~ fax: (717) 632-0461
  • Highpointe Commons
    245 N. Main Street, Unit 7
    Spring Grove, PA 17362
    (717) 225-3360

Texas Hot Weiner Lunch
38 Carlisle Street
Hanover, PA 17332
(717) 637-7075

6 W Market Street
Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 248-8480

Move your mouse over the sketch to see a photo of the place...

On a recent motorcycle trip to Renovo, Pennsylvania with a group from GL1800Riders.com, we stopped at Laskaris when passing through Lewistown. It's an "old school" HDJ - old Vulcan grill right in the window. They've been around since 1921. Sam has owned the place for the last 16 years. They serve the traditional "Texas hot weiner" - Berks hot dog, mustard, mild meat chile & lots of fresh nicely chopped onions.

Coney Island Texas Lunch (A/K/A "Coney Island")
Opened in 1924 by "Steve" Karampilas (yes, another Greek immigrant)
100 Cedar Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503
(570) 961-8288

Coney Island Lunch
515 Lackawanna Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503
(570) 961-9004 ~ fax (570) 207-9489

Coney Island Lunch
127 Clinton Street
Johnstown, PA 15901-2129
(814) 535-2885
Founded in 1916 - Johnstown's Coney Island Lunch has been operated by 4 generations of the Contacos family

Johnnie's Dog House
446 Green Hill Lane, Suite 201
Berwyn, PA 19312
Johnnie's Dog House is a chain - I plan on calling them to try to get some more history and find out where their original location was... The address I included is their corporate headquarters. They remind me a bit of Zack's - a Maryland chain. They offer a dog called "Baltimore's Best", but it includes coleslaw & bacon. The most common interpretation of a "Baltimore-style" hot dog is one wrapped in bologna and griddle fried. And their "Jersey Style" dog (grilled potatoes, peppers & onions) is frequently referred to as an "Italian-style" dog (when served on "pizza bread").

The Historic Texas Lunch
108 Lincoln Way West
Chambersburg, PA 17201-2102
(717) 264-4439

Ernie's Texas Lunch
58 Chambersburg Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1101
(717) 334-1970
Run by owner Ernie Kranias - this HDJ's been around since 1921!

Hot Diggity Dog, LLC
1325 Fruitville Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601-4001
(717) 509-9980
They serve a skinless Vienna Beef hot dog on a poppy seed bun

Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop
a/k/a "The O", or "The Dirty O"
3901 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3507
(412) 621-7388

Texas Wieners
1426 Snyder Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19145-3935
(215) 465-8635
Review from Don't Buy All The Hot Dogs: Texas Wieners, South Philly

Nicky and Pete's Famous Hot Dogs
349 N. 64th Street
Philadelphia PA 19139
(267) 292-5414
Serving a Dietz & Watson hot dog, split, grilled and served on a club roll

Red Hot Hot-Dogs
200 North College Street
Carlisle, PA 17013
(914) 262-4170

Rhode Island

  • Olneyville N.Y. System
    From their website:
    The Stevens family has been serving Rhode Island's own culinary favorite, hot wieners since 1946. Our famous delicacy starts with a natural-casing wiener and is topped with mustard, our special meat sauce, onion, celery salt and all served on a steamed bun. We also feature other Rhode Island favorites such as coffee milk and our own french fries "beef stew."
    Olneyville sells the spice mix they use to make their wiener sauce

    • 20 Plainfield Street
      Providence RI 02909
      (401) 621-9500
    • 1012 Reservoir Avenue
      Cranston, RI 02910
      (401) 275-6031
    • 1744 Mineral Spring Avenue
      North Providence, RI 02904-3981
      (401) 383-4155

  • Rod's Grill
    6 Washington Street
    Warren, RI 02885
    (401) 245-9405


  • James Coney Island
    This chain was started in 1923 by the Papadakis brothers - Tom & James. Born in Kastelli Gravias, Greece, the brothers came to New York in the early 1900's in search of "The American Dream".
    Apparently, their Coney Sauce is quite popular with the locals - Kim D. posted her version recipe on Food.com

  • The Hot Dog Shop
    6405 Brittmoore Road
    Houston, TX 77041
    (713) 937-8039 ~ fax: (713) 937-8045
  • Man Bites Dog
    5222 Burnet Road
    Austin, TX 78756
    (512 614-1330


  • Weenie Beenie
    2680 S Shirlington Road
    Arlington, VA 22206
    (703) 671-6661
    Weenie Beenie was founded by Bill "Weenie Beenie" Staton & his brother Carl in Arlington, VA in 1950. Eventually, Weenie Beenie would expand to six locations, but today (2011) has been reduced to its original location in Shirlington, VA. Bill "Weenie Beenie" was a world renowned pool player who used the money he won playing pool to fund his hot dog joints. Bill retired to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1981, and died February 18, 2006 at the Grand Strand Regional Hospital near his home in Myrtle Beach, SC. He was 77.
    The Foo Fighters immortalized this hot dog joint in their song "Beenie Weenie" on their first, self-titled album "Foo Fighters"
    The dcist has a review and brief history of "Weenie Beenie" written May 19, 2006.


Po Dogs
Po Dogs has two locations:
  • 1009 East Union Street
    Seattle, WA 98122
    (206) 325-6055
  • 4736 University Way Northeast
    Seattle, WA 98105
    (206) 525-0366

Washington, D.C.

West Virginia


Hot Dog Makers

Stranded on a sand bar...

Hot Dog Makers

There are roughly five gazillion, six hundred thousand whole-lotta, five hundred and seven hot dog manufacturers in this great country of ours.

From the huge conglomerates like [Sara Lee Corporation], maker of...

...to the Mom and Pop shops like...


...in Rosedale (Baltimore), Maryland.

I have no idea of how many manufacturers I will be able to document, but... Here goes:


My "home" state of Maryland is a little bit embarrassing with their lack of a good quality hot dog manufacturer. Sure, we have Esskay, but I said "good quality". And... Esskay brand hasn't been manufactured in Baltimore for years...

The "ESS" in Esskay was founded in 1858 by German immigrant & butcher William Schluderberg

"KAY" joined "ESS" in a 1919 merger (Thomas J. Kurdle, pork packer)

For a while, they were known as Schluderberg-Kurdle, Co. (Get it? S-K... Ess-Kay... Esskay... Simple, right?)

The main plant on 3800 East Baltimore Street was built between 1919 & 1920 with several additions in the late 1950's.

Esskay was still operating a slaughter house as late as 1966.

Esskay was acquired by Smithfield Foods in 1985 and was closed by Smithfield in 1992.

On April 12, 2000, Smithfield donated the 13-acre site of the old Esskay plant to the Essex Community College Foundation - which they turned into an industrial park.

  • Esskay
    8422 Bellona Lane, Suite 200
    Baltimore, MD 21204
    (800) 638-7350 ~ (410) 823-2100
    fax ~ (410) 823-3058

  • Binkert's
    8805 Philadelphia Road
    Rosedale, MD 21237
    (410) 687-5959
    fax ~ (410) 687-5023

German Master Butcher Egon Binkert opened Binkert's in 1964. Since 2000, Binkert's has been run by Lothar & Sonya Weber (Egon's daughter).

Monday, August 4, 2008 - There was an electrical fire at Binkert's that started above a freezer in their production area and spread to the attic. The fire damage to the roof and the water damage caused by the fire fighting effort closed them down until renovations were completed several months later on October 10, 2008.

Here are some articles about Binkert's

124 S Franklintown Road
Baltimore, MD 21223
(410) 233-0126 ~ fax: (410) 362-8065 fax
Thursday, July 7th 2011, I spoke with Alvin Manger of Manger's. He said they make the half-smokes for:



  • Saag's Specialty Meats
    1799 Factor Avenue
    San Leandro, CA 94577-5668
    (510) 352-8000 ~ (800)352-7224
  • Square-H Brands, Inc. - Maker of Hoffy® brand
    2731 South Soto Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90023
    (323) 267-4600
    Hoffy manufactures a hot dog specifically for Pink's in Los Angeles, CA
  • Miller's [Miller Packing Company]
    1122 Industrial Way (P.O. Box 1390)
    Lodi, CA 95241
    (209) 339-2310 ~ (800) 624-2328



  • Boar's Head

    1819 Main Street, Suite 800
    Sarasota, Florida 34236
    (941) 955-0994


  • David Berg - Premium Beef Franks - Since 1860
    2501 N. Damen Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60647
    (773) 489-4711
In 1993 Vienna Beef bought David Berg. At some time after that, OSI (Aurora, IL) took over David Berg. Harry L. Stern wrote a two-part article (Nur Senf) which provides some history of the David Berg Sausage Company
  • Best's Kosher - As of January 2009, Sara Lee will no longer be manufacturing Best's Kosher, Sinai Kosher or Shofar and Wilno products
    1000 W Pershing Road
    Chicago, IL 60609-1426
    (773) 650-6330
  • Allen Brothers, Inc. - The Great Steakhouse Steaks
    3737 South Halsted Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60609-1689
    (800) 957-0111
  • Crawford Sausage - Since 1925
    2310 S. Pulaski Road
    Chicago, IL 60623
    (773) 277-3095, (866) 65 DAISY ~ fax (773) 277-7749
  • Red Hot Chicago
    4649 W. Armitage Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60639
    (312) 829-3434, (800) 249-5226


  • SMG, Inc.
    2890 Chancellor Drive
    Suite 210
    Crestview Hills, KY 41017
    (859) 344-3700 ~ fax: (859) 344-3737
    SMG, Inc. operates as a processor of meat products. The company offers a line of wet corned beef, sausage, cooked corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, pre-cooked meats, and home meal replacements. It has meat-processing facilities in Chicago; Bloomfield, Connecticut; Humboldt, Iowa; and Falls City, Nebraska. SMG, Inc. offers its products through a range of outlets, including national and regional supermarkets, independent food retailers, delicatessens, club stores, convenience stores, and foodservice distributors. The company was incorporated in 1994 and is based in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. SMG, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Specialty Foods Group, Inc.
  • Specialty Foods Group, Inc.
    Corporate Office
    21 Enterprise Parkway, 4th Floor
    Hampton, VA 23666
    (757) 952-1200



  • W.A. Beans & Sons - Quality Meats from Maine
    229 Bomarc Road
    Bangor ME 04401
    (800) 649-1958 ~ fax (207) 990-4211



  • Schweigert Foods
    702 E. 13th Street
    Albert Lea, MN 56007
    (507) 377-2526 ~ fax (507) 377-6692

    Schweigert Foods was a division of Willow Brook Foods. On March 31, 2008, Cargill Value Added Meats (CVAM) acquired certain assets of Willow Brook Foods including Schweigert Foods. The good news is that - as of the time of the acquisition - CVAM planned to continue operation of Schweigert Foods in Albert Lea, MN. [Article]



  • Wimmer's Meats
    126 West Grant Street
    West Point, NE 68788
    (800) 358-0761 - (402) 372-2437 - fax (402) 372-5659


New Jersey

  • Sabrett [Marathon Enterprises, Inc.]
    9 Smith Street
    Englewood, NJ 07631-4607
    (201) 935-3330 ~ fax (201) 935-5693

  • Thumann's
    670 Dell Road
    Carlstadt, NJ 07072
    (201) 935-3636

  • Lutz's Pork Store Inc. [German Valley Foods, LLC] - New York Times Article
    1055 Stuyvesant Avenue
    Union, NJ 07083
    (908) 688-1373
    Patrick Stasolla, Owner

  • Union Pork Store
    2702 Morris Avenue
    Union, NJ 07083
    (908) 688-2628

  • Best's [Best Provision Co., Inc.]
    144 Avon Avenue
    Newark, NJ 07108
    (973) 242-5000 - (800) 631-4466 ~ fax (973) 648-0041

  • Schmalz's European Provision Inc
    57 Napoleon Street
    Newark, NJ 07105-3113
    (973) 589-3459
  • Kocher's Continental Specialty Meats, Inc.
    634 Bergen Boulevard
    Ridgefield, NJ 07657
    (201) 945-7086

New York

  • Abeles & Heymann
    3498 3rd Avenue
    Bronx, NY 10456
    (718) 589-0100
  • Brooklyn Pork Store [Landi's Pork Store]
    5909 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234 ~ (718) 763-3230
    I don't think they sell hot dogs... This is just one of those places that got sucked up by the vacuum of my hot dog research... I think someone on RogueFood.com mentioned them...
  • Empire National Kosher Provisions
    123 Grand Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11211-4123
    (718) 384-7400
  • Ferris Stahl-Meyer Packing Corp.
    1560 Boone Ave
    Bronx, NY 10460
    (718) 328-0059
  • Hartmann's Old World Sausage
    1256 Clinton Ave N
    Rochester, NY 14621
    (585) 266-4960 - (800) 373-6476 ~ fax (585) 266-3817
  • Hebrew National - A subsidiary of ConAgra Foods
    • 1905: The "Hebrew National Sausage Factory" was founded in the Lower East Side of Manhattan
    • 1928: The Hebrew National Sausage Factory was purchase by Romanian immigrant butcher Isadore Pinckowitz (A/K/A Isadore "Pines")
    • 1935: Isadore's son Leonard took over the business
    • Early 1960's: The company moved to Maspeth, Queens and changed the name to Hebrew National Kosher Foods, Inc
    • 1965: They originated their famous slogan: "We Answer to a Higher Authority"
    • 1968: Riviana Foods bought Hebrew National and for the next 12 years no Pines family members were holding the reins
    • 1976: Colgate-Palmolive Company purchases Riviana Foods
    • 1980: Isidore "Skip" Pines (Leonard's son) repurchased the company from Colgate-Palmolive ~ Hebrew National had come home...
    • 1985: The company moved it's headquarters and distribution center to the Bronx
    • 1986: The company established a meat processing plant in Indianapolis & in order to incorporate newly acquired brands, Hebrew National became known as National Foods.
    • Hebrew National is now a brand of ConAgra Foods, Inc.
  • Hofmann Sausage Co., Inc.
    6196 Eastern Avenue
    Syracuse, NY 13211-2295
    (315) 437-7257 ~ (800) 724-8410
  • International Glatt Kosher
    5600 1st Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11220-2550
    (718) 491-2756
  • Jubilat Provisions Inc.
    608 5th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11215
    (718) 768-9676
  • Karl Ehmer Inc.
    63-35 Fresh Pond Road
    Ridgewood, NY 11385
    (718) 456-8100
    They have other locations in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania
  • Nathan's Famous - Westbury, NY
  • Sahlen's [Sahlen Packing Company, Inc.] - Official Hot Dog of the Buffalo Bills
    318 Howard Street
    Buffalo, NY 14206
    (716) 852-8677
  • Schaller & Weber
    22-35 46th St.
    Astoria, NY 11105
    (718) 721-5480
  • Wardynski's [F. Wardynski's & Sons, Inc.] - Finest Quality Meats
    336 Peckham Street (P.O. Box 336)
    Buffalo, NY 14240-0336
    (716) 854-6083
  • Zweigle's - Distributed by SunSmith
    651 Plymouth Ave N
    Rochester, NY 14608
    (585) 546-1740

North Carolina

  • Carolina Packers Home of Bright Leaf hot dogs
    2999 South Brightleaf Boulevard
    Smithfield, NC 27577
    (919) 934-2181, (800) 682-7675 ~ fax (919) 989-6794


  • Brookside Foods
    17212 Miles Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44128
    (216) 991-7600 ~ fax (216) 991-7739


  • Dietz & Watson
    5701 Tacony Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19135
    (800) 333-1974 ~ fax (215) 831-8719
  • Hatfield Quality Meats - Medford is now a part of Hatfield (Medford used to make the hot dogs for Yocco's in Foglesville, PA)
    2700 Clemens Road
    Hatfield, PA 19440-0902
    (215) 368-2500, (800) 523-5291 ~ fax (215) 368-3018
  • Kunzler's
    652 Manor Street
    Lancaster, PA 17604
    (888) 586-9537 ~ fax (717) 390-2170
  • Berks Packing Company Inc.
    307-323 Bingaman Street
    Reading, PA 19602
    (800) 882-3757
  • Gutheinz Meats Inc
    It appears that Coney Island Texas Lunch in Scranton, PA uses hot dogs from this company...
    520 Cedar Avenue
    Scranton, PA 18505-1191
    (570) 344-1191
  • Smith's (Smith Provision Co., Inc.)
    Family owned since 1927
    2251 West 23rd Street
    Erie, PA 16506-2916
    (814) 459-0488 ~Fax (814) 452-3142
    Apparently, this company is run by the Weber family...?
  • Denver Meats - Home of Hippey Hot Dogs
    340 Railroad Street
    Denver, PA 17517
    (717) 336-6577
  • A friend of mine recently introduced me to Hippey Hot Dogs by way of a four-dog "care package" he sent me home with - following a Honda Goldwing "Ride-In" in the Catskill mountains (Cats-Cade)

    The Hippey hot dog is on the left. A skinless beef & pork 8-to-a-pound (I believe) dog - I was in the mood for a bacon/cheese dog... (A Sabrett 12/1 skinless beef frankfurter is on the right)

    A good quality "small batch" hot dog, on the firm side and fairly mildly spiced.


Rhode Island

  • Saugy Inc.
    30 Cross Street
    Providence, RI 02904
    (401) 640-1879 - (866) GO-SAUGY ~ fax 401-383-9374

  • The following is an excerpt from the Saugy home page...

    Alphonse Saugy opened Saugy Provisions in 1869 on the corner of Canal and Smith Streets in Providence, RI. Leo McCaughey, grandfather of the current owner, started working at Saugy in 1914 (age 12) driving a horse-drawn delivery wagon. Leo later became a salesman for the company, then President & CEO. During World War II Alphonse Saugy closed the plant - because he couldn't get the quality of meat he wanted his products. June 7, 1944 - Leo McCaughey, Adam Leips & Ludo Spangenberger reopened Saugy. 1971 - Saugy moved from Canal Street to 30 Cross Street in Providence (Leo McCaughey was born at 20 Cross Street). Mary O'Brien (unknown relation to the McCaughey family) at 34 - decided to expand the business by distributing out of state - and developing new product lines (e.g. sauerkraut relish & hot mustard).

    FYI - Saugy's bratwurst are nicknamed "Buckies"

  • Little Rhody Brand Franksfurts
    5 Day Street
    Johnston, RI 02919
    (401) 831-0815
    Little Rhody makes the hot dogs used at Rhode Island's "Olneyville New York System" HDJ. Look for their "NYS Wieners (Natural Casing)".



  • Wholesome Foods - It looks like these guys may make Esskay, Hatfield, Mash and other products
    986 South Ox Road
    Edinburg, VA 22824
    (800) 723-6637 ~ (540) 984-8219


Stranded on a sand bar...

Odds 'n' End

I guess I'll put anything that doesn't fit anywhere else down here...

Let Us Now Praise Famous Hot Dogs : Hugh Merwin - November 29, 2007 - Gothamist

Kings of the Road : Jane & Michael Stern - May 25, 2004 - Connecticut Magazine

The Best Hot Dogs in New York City : Robin Raisfeld & Rob Patronite - May 21, 2005 - New York Magazine

America's Best Hot Dogs : Bret Stetka, MSN City Guides

Texas Hot Weiners (Texas Weiners, or Texas Wieners) : from Barry Popik's web site [August 09, 2006]

John Sagi (TheGourmetChiliDog.com) has documented a couple "hot dog runs" in New Jersey:

Baristanet.com: Papaya King Comes to Clifton

Hot Dogs With Bite : Washington Post, Dan Zak [07/01/07]

GOTTA EAT THIS: TOP DOGS : from Michael Lippman's blog "EAT DRINK or DIE"

The Great Chicago Hot Dog : from Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn's "AmazingRibs.com" web site

Detroit, Michigan & the "Coney Island" Dog!

While the rest of the world must be content with a mere "chili dog"; thanks to the imagination of Constantine "Gust" Keros (a Greek shepherd who immigrated to Detroit - via Coney Island - in 1903) the good people of Detroit, Michigan have been blessed with the "Coney Island" 'dog.

Just what is the difference between a chili dog and a Coney Island dog, one might ask?

Outside of Detroit, one might receive nothing more than a quizzical look, a shrug of the shoulders... and a hardy "Hiyo, Silver!"

(Whoops... Sorry..)

  • Coney Island-style hot dog
    Native to Detroit, MI, a "Coney Island" style hot dog is served with "Coney Island" sauce - a dry (not soupy), bean-less, chili-type sauce - fresh, chopped sweet onions and yellow mustard.

Urban legend has it that Constantine "Gust" Keros originated this particular "presentation" when he opened the American Coney Island restaurant on Detoit's Lafayette Boulevard in 1917. He immigrated to Detroit from Greece in 1903. Apparently, he was inspired by a hot dog he'd been served at New York's Coney Island. He substituted "chili sauce" for the Coney Island's traditional sauerkraut - and thus was born the "Coney Island"!

American Coney Island features a hot dog from:

Lafayette Coney Island features a hot dog from:

Koegel sells Coney Island chili sauce

Maxwell Street Polish - (the following excerpt was "borrowed" from the [Urban Dictionary] the information seems to be mirrored here [Maxwell Street Polish] on Wikipedia)

A "Maxwell Street Polish" consists of a grilled all-beef Polish sausage topped with grilled onions and yellow mustard and the optional sport peppers, on a bun. The sandwich was first created by Jimmy Stefanovic, a Macedonian immigrant, who took over his aunt and uncle's hot-dog stand (now Jim's Original) in Chicago's Maxwell Street marketplace in 1939.

The Maxwell Street Polish soon grew to be one of Chicago's most popular local sandwiches, along with the Chicago hot-dog and Italian Beef. It is served by restaurants around the city, and is common at sporting events. Many small vendors specialize in the Maxwell Street Polish along with the pork-chop sandwich.

Some variations exist. For example, some hot-dog vendors offer a "Maxwell Street hot dog" in which a hot dog is substituted for the Polish sausage.

Due to UIC's [University of Illinois at Chicago] South Campus development, the two famous Maxwell Street Polish stands, Jim's Original and Maxwell St. Express Grill, both of which coexisted side by side for decades at Halsted and Maxwell streets, have now relocated a half block east to Union Avenue, adjacent to the Dan Ryan Expressway on-ramp at Roosevelt Road

Flint's Original Coney Sauce
Kathryn Von Gethicker

1/2 lb. of beef kidney
1/2 lb. of beef heart
3 tbsp of paprika
2 tbsp of chili powder
1/4 cooking oil
salt to taste

  1. Have butcher grind kidney and heart
  2. Combine all ingredients - except oil - in a sauce pan
  3. Slowly add oil to rest of ingredients
  4. Heat over medium heat then simmer for approximately 45 minutes

If necessary, add more oil to keep Coney Island sauce from drying out while cooking

Here's another recipe purporting to be "Coney Island Chili Dog Sauce"

1 pound ground chuck
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 six ounce can tomato paste
1 cup water
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon prepared yellow mustard
1 tablespoon dried, minced onion
2 teaspoons chili powder
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon celery seed
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin (heaping)
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

Brown ground beef in a skillet, adding onions half way through. Add minced garlic when meat is nearly done.

Add remaining ingredients; stir well to combine. Simmer over low heat 15 minutes.

Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce

1 1/2 lb. ground chuck
2 tbsp. oil
2 tbsp. chopped onion
1 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. black pepper
1 tsp. hot pepper
1 tbsp. paprika
1 pinch sage
1 pinch cinnamon
1 tbsp. chili powder
1 sm. can tomato paste
4 c. water

Brown chuck and onion in oil. Add remaining ingredients and simmer 3-4 hours stirring often.

Coney Island Sauce

1 pound ground beef
1 onion, chopped
2 tablespoons prepared mustard
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
2 tablespoons white sugar
1 tablespoon water
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon celery seed
1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
1/4 cup ketchup

In a large skillet over medium high heat, saute the ground beef and onion for 5 to 10 minutes, or until meat is well browned. Crumble meat to a fine texture with a fork, if necessary; drain excess fat.

Stir in the mustard, vinegar, sugar, water, Worcestershire sauce, celery seed, hot pepper sauce and ketchup. Mix well reduce heat to low and simmer, uncovered, for 35 to 40 minutes.

Yet another "Original Greek Coney Sauce"

1 pound ground beef
1 cup lard
1 medium onion, diced
1/3 cup chili powder
2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon black pepper, coarsely ground
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon allspice
1 teaspoon basil, dried
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon oregano, dried

Cover the ground beef with water and soak, in the refrigerator, for about half an hour. Use a fork to break up the ground beef then drain.

Brown the ground beef & onion in the lard

Add remaining ingredients.

Simmer for approximately 2 hours. (You may have to add some water)

Dave Liske has posted a recipe for an elusive Authentic Flint-Style "Coney Sauce" on his web site Luna Pier Cook. I say "elusive" because I've never tasted a Flint-style "Coney Sauce" - never having been to Flint. But I've read many references to a Coney sauce using beef heart & kidneys - similar to that sold by Koegel's - but it's hard to find recipes!

Dave's web page for this recipe has great pictures and a ton more detail. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

NOTE: In the interests of presenting recipe information in a consistent style & format on this page, I've modified Dave's instructions - any errors or omissions are mine - and should give Dave a good chuckle...

Authentic Flint-Style Coney Sauce
Dave Liske [Luna Pier Cook]

1/2 lb beef heart
1/2 lb beef kidney
2 lb 80/20 ground beef
4 tablespoons shortening or lard
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 teaspoons minced garlic
2 tablespoons ground mustard
5 tablespoons chili powder
Salt and ground pepper to taste

In a medium size pot, melt the butter & shortening/lard - add the heart, kidney, ground beef, garlic, ground mustard and stir well.

Simmer for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Organ meats have very little fat and the mixture may be prone to drying out while simmering. If necessary, add equal amounts of butter & shortening/lard to keep the sauce moist. After simmering for 45 minutes, add the chili powder & salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for another 5 minutes before serving.

Cincinnati "Skyline" Chili
John Mitzewich [About.com:American Food]

The inventor's Greek roots can clearly be seen in the unique blend of spices. The secrets to this recipe are the long slow cooking, as well as the overnight refrigeration, which allow for all the excess fat to be removed. I've also included the five "ways" for ordering this wonderfully different chili.

1 quart cold water
2 lbs ground beef
2 cups crushed tomato
2 yellow onions, diced
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1/4 cup chili powder
1 tsp cayenne
1 tsp ground cumin
2 tbsp cider vinegar
1 whole bay leaf
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 tsp salt

  1. Add beef and water to a 4-quart pot. Bring to a simmer while stirring until the ground beef is in very small pieces. Simmer for 30 minutes and add all the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Simmer on low, uncovered, for 3 hours. Add water as needed if the chili becomes too thick.
  3. Refrigerated the chili overnight, and the next day remove the layer of fat from top before reheating and serving.

The Cincinnati Skyline Chili "Ordering Code"

1-way: just the chili
2-way: chili served over spaghetti
3-way: chili, spaghetti, and grated Cheddar cheese
4-way: chili, spaghetti, cheese, and onions
5-way: chili, spaghetti, cheese, onions, and beans
All "ways" are served with oyster crackers

Flo's Special Hot Dog Relish
"Linda's Busy Kitchen" [RecipeZaar]

Flo's (on US-1 near Cape Neddick, Maine) is "famous" (oh, really?) for their relish. "Holly" Moore mentioned that locals have their hot dogs with "hot sauce and mayonnaise" - I wonder if the locals are referring to this relish as "hot sauce"?. I'm not sure where "Busy Linda" got her recipe from - or if it actually is Flo's "official" (secret) recipe… But it sounded interesting so I included it...

10 lbs yellow onions, chopped fine
1 quart molasses, Sugar Mill
1 cup white vinegar
1 lb brown sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons crushed red pepper flakes
1/2 ounce Frank's red hot sauce

  1. Put onions and crushed red peppers in food processor or blender - chop fine
  2. Put all ingredients in a large pot & cook on medium heat until hot, but not boiling
  3. Lower heat & simmer for 8 hours
  4. Let cool
  5. Prepare hot dog using your favorite method
  6. Place hot dog on bun
  7. Cover hot dog with liberal amount of Flo's "liberated" (secret) sauce
  8. Relish the relish

(Okay... I probably didn't have to mention the last five steps...)

Sabrett's Onion Sauce for Hot Dogs
"Charmed" [RecipeZaar]

1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil
1 medium onion, sliced thin and chopped
4 cups water
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 teaspoons corn syrup
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1/4 cup vinegar

  1. Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat
  2. Sauté the onion in the oil for about 5 minutes - until the onions are soft, but not brown
  3. Add the water, tomato paste, corn syrup, cornstarch, salt and crushed red pepper
  4. Bring the mixture to a boil then reduce heat - simmer for 45 minutes
  5. Add the vinegar and simmering for an additiona1 30-45 minutes - or until most of the liquid is reduced and the sauce is thickened

Makes about 1 cup

Ospidillo Cafe Michigan Hot Dog Chili Sauce No. 14
"Bone Man" [RecipeZaar]

2 lbs ground chuck
16 ounces tomato sauce
1 cup water
1/4 cup barbecue sauce - K.C. Masterpiece, or other hickory-smoked barbecue sauce
2 tablespoons dried onion flakes
1 1/2 tablespoons chili powder
1 tablespoon dried ancho chile powder
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
3 medium onions, chopped
1 chicken bouillon cube (Maggi cube) - dissolved in 1 cup water
1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped fine
1/4 cup prepared yellow mustard
1 tablespoon honey

  1. In a large pot: brown and drain ground chuck
  2. Combine all ingredients - simmer slowly over low heat for 2 hours

Cabbage and Carrot Mustard Slaw

1 pound cabbage, finely grated
1/3 cup minced green bell pepper
1/2 cup finely grated onion
1/4 cup finely grated carrot
1 teaspoon celery seed
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup plain yellow mustard, such as French’s
1/3 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cider vinegar
1 tablespoon Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

In a medium mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. Cover and refrigerate at least one hour before serving. Yield: about 3 cups.

Apparently, this recipe was inspired by the relish they serve at Rutt's Hut in Clinton, NJ



Stranded on a sand bar...